From Surviving

to Thriving:

3 Keys to Empower You Beyond Breast Cancer

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In this free masterclass you will be Enlightened, Empowered & Encouraged to heal your breast cancer and prevent recurrence.

You Will Get These 3 Keys:

– Key #1 –


What is your risk?

Discover the most common myth about breast cancer!

What are the safest ways to monitor your breast health?

What lifestyle choices affect cancer?

– Key #2 –


Gain confidence advocating for yourself in your unique healing plan. 

– Key #3 –


Design an environment that supports your healing and longevity. 

This is the information I wish I had 10 years ago!

Having breast cancer is a life altering experience but it doesn’t have to be a tragic one. With the right Knowledge, Advocacy and Support you CAN HEAL your breast cancer on your own terms

As a two time survivor, I’ve not only been in your shoes, I’m still wearing them! Let me save you time, aggravation and money. This one hour free masterclass is a game changer and might be a life saver!

This is for you if:

You were recently diagnosed.

It’s important to get ALL the information you need BEFORE you make any decisions. Don’t rush into anything until you have attended this masterclass! I don’t want you to say “If only I had known…”

You are currently in treatment.

Please don’t think you need to suffer through treatments you don’t want to do and then you will be “cured.”  Learn to trust your gut and be in alignment with your values so healing can happen.

You had breast cancer years ago.

If you have ever had breast cancer, you are susceptible to recurrence and/or a new breast cancer unless you follow a holistic healing plan such as my 7 Simple Steps.* Learn what you need to know to prevent recurrence and truly thrive!

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About Your Cancer Coach Katie

Katie Rampen is a two-time breast cancer “thriver,” mother and Breast Cancer Recovery Advocate, helping women navigate a breast cancer diagnosis, advocate for themselves and avoid recurrence.

Her mission is to educate and empower women to lead a happy, healthy life free from breast cancer.

Katie’s Story

Despite living what she thought was a healthy lifestyle, in 2012 Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not knowing anything about cancer, she trusted the medical establishment to “cure” her and teach her how to prevent a recurrence.

After realizing her doctors did not have all the answers she sought, Katie spent the next 8 years researching cancer and health in general. She discovered a lot of eye-opening, little-known information that made her realize we each need – herself included – to start taking greater responsibility for our health, thus she founded Katie’s Healthy Families and became a Wellness Empowerment Coach in 2018.

Katie followed her doctors’ recommendations to have a double mastectomy and years of drug therapy so that she would never have breast cancer again. However, in March of 2020 Katie was diagnosed with a new breast cancer. She then founded Kicking Breast Cancer with Katie to work side by side with women to overcome this disease and prevent it from recurring in the future.